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Create Hot-key With Clavier+


Clavier+ is a freeware program launcher software. The program make it easier for the user to create hot-key to launch program or folder.
Clavier is allows to create keyboard shortcuts using almost any keys, including the Windows key. The created hotkeys can be launch programs or folder or text).

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React: Free Operating System like Windows

ReactOS® is a free operating system like Windows® XP/2003. This operating system support maximum windows software.

Written completely from scratch, it aims to follow the Windows-NT® architecture designed by Microsoft from the hardware level right through to the application level. This is not a Linux based system, and shares none of the unix architecture.

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iChecker: Find out your Yahoo! Messenger friends status

iChecker is a portable tool that no need to install. Run and input a Yahoo! Messenger ID to find out whether he/she is online or offline.

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ReBit: Automatically restart or shutdown a PC

ReBit is a freeware software to automatically restart or shutdown a computer. It is especially useful in public places to eliminate the need to manually restart or shutdown the computer after each user.


LookInMyPC: Create a full system profile & diagnostic report

LookInMyPC is a freeware system diagnostic software for Windows operating system that will generate a complete and comprehensive system profile that includes information on all installed hardware and software.

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Date Cracker 2000: Run shareware or trial software anytime

Date Cracker 2000 is a freeware program which removes the date protection from programs which expire after a specific date. It is most useful for shareware or trial software.


Clock Stopper: Open Trial Software any time

Clock Stopper is a small freeware software to halts computers internal day-time clock. Many trial programs has limited time period. After that time the program is no longer unusable. This will fool many programs into thinking that time never expires and user can open that software after over trial time.

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Time Stopper: Now no need to buy trial versions anymore


Time Stopper is a free software which can stop the time for trial version software. When user stop the time s/he can use the trial versions forever. When user stop the time of a trial version using this Time Stopper it works via this Time Stopper. Real time and date run normally on users system. User can use any number of trial version software with this software.

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7Plus: Speed Up Your Windows Work flow

7Plus is an Open Source free software for Windows operating system that adds many features to the system to speed up the work flow. Features can be divided into Windows Explorer, general Windows, windows handling and misc. For example it allows you to quickly upload files to an FTP server directly from explorer with a single hot key, navigate to your favorite folders with num pad keys, keep windows always on top, etc.

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