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Image Copier

Image copier is a professional image tool for programmers, artists and normal users, such as company managers, office staffs.
It contains over 5,600 images (32x32 and 16x16 pixels), each image is in seven different styles, so the software equals to contain over 39,200 images totally.

The style (sunken - disabled) is popularly used for disabled buttons, menu items etc.
The program is a world-unique-software which provides both enabled and disabled icons in pair for your use.
If you are a programmer or have special purposes to display disabled images, this style is very useful.
All famous applications (such as Windows OS, Microsoft word, Photo shop, Corel draw) use this kind of style as their disabled images.

Images can be:
  1. copied to clipboard for pasting to other applications (such as PhotoShop).
  2. saved as files.
  3. flipped and rotated for twice for compliable requirements.
  4. re-sampled from 4x4 to 96x96 pixels.
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