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Flock: The Social Web Browser

Flock is an award-winning browser, built on Mozilla’s Firefox technology. Flock integrates over 20 popular sites so that you can be connected, not tethered, to the sites where your friends hang out. Share items, blog, upload photos, and receive email updates all from within your browser. Flock is designed to serve the needs of today’s web users by making publishing and consuming information on the web incredibly easy.

Flock has many innovative features to enhance your web experience. Flock’s “People Sidebar” keeps your friends with you while you browse, and supports popular sites like: MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Digg. You can easily view your friends´ latest activity and effortlessly share with them by just dragging and dropping. You can also subscribe to media streams by opening Flock’s “Media Bar” so that you never miss photos and videos on your favorite topics or from your favorite publishers. If you’d like to upload photos, Flock has an integrated photo uploader so that you don’t have to manage yet another piece of desktop software. If you blog, you’ll enjoy Flock’s blog editor which lets you post from anywhere on the web.
Flock is safe, free and fun! Download today and get ready to meet your new favorite browser!

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