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AniTuner: Animated Mouse Pointer Creator

AniTuner is a free software to create, edit and convert animated cursors (.ani files). Animated cursor files contain an animated mouse pointer like this one:animated cursorand are recognized natively by Windows.

Learn more about the animated cursor format here.

animated cursorAniTuner makes the creation and edition of these animated cursors easy. Everyone can now create his/her own animated cursors and animations in a snap:

  • Make animated cursors from animated GIF, AVI clips, bitmap strips, or by importing existing image files (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, ICO, CUR) as cursor frames.
  • Create animated GIF, AVI clips, Adobe Flash movies, bitmap strips from animated cursors or any other image set.
  • Resize and edit frames, set frame duration, change color depth, create 32-bit XP and Vista cursors with partial transparency (alpha channel).

animated cursorReplace the default mouse pointers of Windows by animated cursors made with AniTuner. Or use AniTuner to produce animations for your web pages, blogs, instant messaging applications, e-mails, presentations, video clips or even programs...

animated cursorAniTuner features an easy-to-use interface that lets you visually edit and convert all of your animated cursors in a snap. AniTuner is the successor of our old product called AniToAvi Wizard, and is a full freeware program.

Available with a standard installer (and uninstaller) or as a portable edition with no required installation: you can run AniTuner from any removable storage device like a USB stick, and without leaving traces on the computer.