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Arduo PDFMerger

2i9pkb4.jpgArduoPDFMerger is a lite,freeware tool that:

  • can split a pdf file into many pdfs
  • can extract pages form a pdf file
  • can merge multiple pdf (or only a part) into a new pdf

ArduoPDFMerger is in alpha verion: only some of the final version are completerd. In this moment suggests and bug reports are foundamental to the application grwoth.

This application requires .NET Framework 2.0. The application installer check its presence. If it is not installed, ArduoCss' installer try to download and install it. If you get some error during installation, due to the missing framework or everything else, please contact us. If the description of the error will be enough detailed, we'll try to solve the problem. Vista user hve to run it as administrator to  handle protected files.

Download Link: